The Team Behind A2Z Business Eco System

A2Z Business Eco System had been architected by a diversified team of (artists, techies and the business management enthusiasts) some of which has their businesses and some are freelancers entrepreneurs, we built it to meet all the needs of a business, especially after the Pandemic of COVID-19 affected most of start-ups, teams and individuals (Those yet don't have a strong online platform), and as a part of rescue to the global economy.

A business can use A2Z to manage each of the following(with Interoperability activated):

  • HR Department Management
  • Sales Department Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Storages & Inventory Management
  • E-Commerce sites(Products Management System)
  • Blogs sites Management
  • Forums Management
  • Email Campains Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Visitor's Registration (like hotel guests)
  • Workflow and Reporting System (Employees' progresses in each level of their job)
  • Supply Chain Management (A special "anti-fraud" and "anti-replacement" system)
  • . . .
  • And many other use cases

an Investor can use A2Z to manage each of:

  • His/Her investment real-time impacts
  • view the newtechnology/artproject-ideas
  • Invest, sponsor or/and incubate specific project
  • Transfer his/her invested projects to be administrated in our Dashboards (admin dashboards)
  • Build his/her investment profile to pull more techies/artists/entrepreneurs into anall-in-one eco-systhat provides all needed tools

an Artist can use A2Z to manage each of:

  • His/Her Websites.
  • His/Her Fans
  • Direct orders from his/her clients
  • Collect Donations/Funds for his/her projects/activities
  • Support another artist/techie (financially or socially)