What is A2Z Business Eco Systems?

An enhanced SaaS-like eco-system (powered by NLP-based AI) that allows the Companies to build, manage and optimize their business via a web-platform(browser) on any of medium and large screen devices. You can contact us through the submission forms on the website. 

The Team Behind A2Z Business Eco System
A2Z Business Eco System had been architected by a diversified team of (artists, techies and the business management enthusiasts) some of which has their businesses and some are freelancers entrepreneurs, we built it to meet all the needs of a business, especially after the Pandemic of COVID-19 affected most of start-ups, teams and individuals (Those yet don't have a strong online platform), and as a part of rescue to the global economy.
What can you get from A2Z Business Eco System?

A business can use A2Z to manage each of the following(with Interoperability activated):(with Interoperability activated):

  • HR Department Management
  • Sales Department Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Storages & Inventory Management
  • E-Commerce sites (Products Management System)
  • Blogs sites Management
  • Forums Management
  • Email Campaigns Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Visitor's Registration (like hotel guests)
  • Workflow and Reporting System (Employees' progresses in each level of their job)
  • Supply Chain Management (A special "anti-fraud" and "anti-in-path-replacement" system)
  • . . .
  • And many other use cases

an Investor can use A2Z to manage each of:

  • Investment real-time impacts
  • view the new technology/art project-ideas
  • Invest, sponsor or/and incubate specific project
  • Transfer invested projects to be administered in our Dashboards (admin dashboards)
  • Build investment profile to pull more techies/artists/entrepreneurs into an all-in-one eco-sys that provides all needed tools

an Artist can use A2Z to manage each of:

  • Websites.
  • Fans
  • Direct orders from clients
  • Collect Donations/Funds for projects/activities
  • Support another artist/techie (financially or socially)